In October 2018, Professor Raman Bedi attended the Global ‘m-OralHealth Workshop’ as part of his role as World Federation of Public Health Associations Chair of the Oral Health Working Group. The conference was hosted by the WHO ‘’Be He@lthy, Be Mobile initiative and the University of Montpellier, France.

As there are now more mobile phone contracts than humans on Earth, the conference focused on how digital technology can improve global oral heath. This new and exciting area is one of the five main pillars for the WHO Oral Health Programme priorities for 2018-2020.

The conference focused on using technological innovation to improve global oral health literacy, oral health training, early detection and surveillance, with case studies and discussions on how to drive this technology forward to help society. Participants ranged from government, academia and civil society and came from several countries. A network of experts has now been established and can drive forward implementation of m-OralHealth programmes to ensure more equitable dental care for all worldwide. The Oral Health Working Group plans to support the implementation of this initiative through a series of approaches.


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