Albania is a country located in East of Europe with a population of 2,870,324. Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is the main authority responsible for the strategies and politics of the health care in the country. Health Care takes 6.8% (current health expenditure) of the GDP (2015 data).  There is no insurance coverage for general dentistry.  The National Institute of Health Insurance does cover only hospitalized dentistry (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery) in the main public University Hospital.  Private dental care is paid out of pocket. The total number of active dentist is approximately 3000 and 95 % of them are private practitioners. Caries experience remains high and is the main dental public health problem in Albania. The 5 years old mean dmft index was 4.41 (SD 3.83)(2015). The caries treatment needs was 84% (SD 26%). For the age 12 years old the mean DMFT index was 3.72 (sd 2.66). The caries treatment needs was 56% (sd 0.36)(2011). We do not have any national study on the prevalence or risk factors for oral cancer and periodontal disease. There is no organized preventive program in the country. There were a few local programs introduced by DPH and assisted by Albanian Dental Association, Red Cross and toothpaste, chewing gum companies. In 2018 there was a local project in several public primary schools in the capital (Tirana) of Albanian. The project was implemented by Albanian Dental Association and Red Cross and was focused on education about the importance of oral health and how to maintain it.


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