15th World Congress on Public Health

15th World Congress on Public Health

The OHWG has actively participated to the 15th World Congress on Public Health with “Universal dental care provision – will it really improve oral health?” World Leadership Dialogue. The dialogue have explored how the Global Charter can be used strategically to promote global oral health with multi-sectoral partners in integrative approaches. Speakers have elaborated on universal oral health provision and integration of oral health in primary care with tangible examples and key solutions, including Regional Oral Health Centres. Regional Oral Health Centres are expecting to co-ordinate local training and educational projects, promote oral health to neighboring countries, train workforce and provide leadership guidance and development.

This dialogue has involved the following speakers:

Mike Covey (Manager Director Henry Schein Dental Australia)
“If universal dental care provision is provided who should pay?”

Marsha Butler (VP, Colgate-Palmolive)
“Universal dental care will provide benefits but significant oral health improvements are more likely to be achieved through better public education”

Bruce Simmons (Member of the Oral Health Working Group of the WFPHA and national Convenor of the Oral Health Special Interest Group of the Public Health Association of Australia)
“Universal person centred care, an overriding systemic pre-requisite for global good health and wellbeing”

Ralph Fuccillo (President of Dentaquest Foundation)
“System Change in DentaQuest”

Raman Bedi (Ch WFPHA Oral Health Working Group)
“Will the Global Charter for Public’s Health and regional oral health centres determine the direction for dental care over the next decade?”

Irene Adyatmaka (MOH Consultant in the Indonesian School Oral Health program, Senior researcher Faculty of Public Health – University of Indonesia, Regional Manager GC for Indonesia and Brunei.)
“Community participation & empowerment as a means to improve oral health over the next decade”

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